Monday, July 31, 2017

Day 36 Ashland to Michigan

Alright first off we went swimming in Lake Superior 

This should be our cover photo with those fake smiles. Sunday smiles. 

Mom and her bike "ruby" 

We met Clare yesterday. 

We went to culvers for lunch and saw this nice old car. 

A bunch of people played a fun game of Code names. 

Breakfast this morning. So far all I have is coffee. 

Breakfast and the lunch table about 3/4 of the way through the time. 

Starting out this morning we rode a bike path through Ashland. 

A nice quiet road to start the first 20 km. There was however a big crevice every 30 ft. 
Some water finally. 
First rest stop. I'm not sure what Reuben is pointing at. Maybe he was trying to send me down the wrong road. 
Loving the rolling hills. And smooth roads. The shoulders weren't huge but they were smooth. 
Reuben's dad and mom are always a welcoming couple. Thanks for the great job they do every day. 

We went past this log home building lot. 

They must have big bottles of wine in Michigan. 

Here's the rookies taking pics of the sign. 

Look at these gems. 

After lunch with Carrie at subway a local told us about a nice bike path. That was the last place I wanted to be. On a bike path. So we took the road for about 1/2 km. The shoulders were riddled with junk and rocks so when we noticed the trail a ditch away we decided to take it after all. 

It was a great railway line with nobody on it. 

It was like a trip down memory lane. I'm not sure who's memory though.  

Some more great rollers. And one long climb. It was like where did that come from. 

Saw this great caving. 

I asked him to lean in so we could talk. I hope it's still standing.  

We went around the lake off the main hyw and I thought to myself oh great another crappy backroad  
As it turned out the road was awesome. See I was worried about something that I had no right be worried about. 

Here's Reuben racing his shadow. 

Last stop. Turns out we stopped just across the street at the gas station on our way out to Vancouver. 

We decided to support a local shop   The sacrifice was worth it. 

The next 15 km was a not so fun ride of keep the fresh tar off your tires and don't get sucked into the long vertical ruts. 
It really warmed up in the afternoon   We also noticed we changed time zones lost another hour. 

Finally back in our normal time zone. Here's a little saw mill. Good to finish today after 140 km. Still averaged 27.5 kmph. See you all later Len 

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