Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Day 37 Ewen to Marquette.

Got up way too early. I mean who rises before the sun. We're not milking cows. 
Now who knew it looked this nice in the morning. I didn't know it until I saw this pic. I guess my eyes weren't open yet. 

After loading the gear truck we headed out. 

The sun was just starting to come up. 

We road into the fog for quite a while. 

Because Rueben loads the gear truck that also make you sweep to the first rest stop. So we followed this group until we came across Karen and the kids who had a flat.  

Here's Calab input early morning convoy. 

Here's Seth chasing after Eve and Karen there was lots of glass on the road today. 

This old steam engine was at carries rest stop. It was used to run a saw mill. 

A real mix of junk and horses 

I guess  whatever building was around this chimney is gone but whoever built this did a solid job. 

A wooden tresel bridge still being used. 

Who wants to join me for supper at this place. 

This is a group of the last people all at rest stop two together. They seem pretty happy. 
We made our way through some construction. 164 km day today so after talking to a guy in a convertible at the second rest stop about the ride for a half hour, Rueben and I decided to drop a bag of hammers  
We passed a tonne of people. Here's Jo 
Here's Missy and Brenna. 

Most of my last pics are taken at 35 km plus. 

Betty and the grandkids stop. 

Rueben taking his phone out to take a pic of the lake. 

Past the tourist trap. 

Just in case you weren't sure if they like guns here. 

Just coming into Marquette. About 5 km to the city park. So today's stats are 164 km.  5hrs34min. Average speed 29.5 max speed 65.35 

Supper tonight. Long day for the rest stop and sag drivers. Good night Len. 


  1. That first shot is a winner Len, beautiful! Hey, how much will it cost me to get you to put a Partners Worldwide logo or sticker or message on your helmet top? It's featured in way to many shots to not be a money maker for ya.
    Hi to Carrie and the crew- tell her my wife grew up in Newberry and attended the HS where you're staying tonight. Her dad Jim Thompson was the principal there for 25 years or so too. Good town, good people. Praying for tail winds! Mark

  2. Kudos to you Len ! you are putting out some amazing stat #'s !!! Doesn't even sound like you're saying "are we there yet?" ... WOW ...Keep setting the pace and encouraging the team :)