Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 39 Newberry to Sault ste USA

So this morning we had our breakfast and we prayed. 
We gather every day and  before we head out we say the lords prayer together . 

Here's a pic of Harvey's  of the school where we stayed. 
The bottom left is our camper. 

Harold an I are  wearing our matching Canada jersey's 

Here's before pic of Jonathan we're riding 106km today. The after will come later. 

Harold and Reuben heading down the road with heavy cloud cover. 
A crop duster in action. 

John flying down the road. 

Albert in action 

We followed them to the first rest stop. 

Carries first stop. 

Look at all those bright colours. 

Here's a tractor fixerupper. 

Here's a totally natural unscripted pic. I just asked them to look over hear and they fell in like soldiers. 

This is how they get the coke to different places. 

Look at Reuben calling out the gravel. What a champ. Every time he points at something I usually run right over it. 

Good thing I have slime tubes. I pulled the staple out and two green blobs came out. I didn't even pump it up. 

I'm sure with the free admission it's full of Dutch people.  
It started spitting a bit near the end. 

A nice barn. If you like barns. 

Maybe you like this one better. 

So here you can see that Jonathan made it to camp. What a champ. That fake smile says I won't be able to sit for a week. 

Even through the rain these to are always smiling. 
After I got to camp I found a gift from Jane.  As you can see I waited the prescribed 3 min before I used it. 

Back at camp I had second supper. Pizza and pasta. Who's that first in line.   So tomorrow we head over the border. Only 150 km. Sounds like a breeze. See you on the other side. Len. 

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