Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day 52 St Bare..... to portneuf

Said goodbye to Felicia and the kids this morning. It was an awesome time together. 
The bikers lining up for breakfast. 

The sky was clear so the sun was high early. 

Seemed like we were riding next to a former lake bed. 

We rode over an old bridge. 

Tried to jump the railway tracks in my mind and this is how it would have ended up. 
First rest stop came pretty early. 
George hooked onto us for about 10 km. We were going about 35 kmph. 
We stopped for coffee at tims. Ok I might have had a couple of eclairs. 

We went through a small town that could have been some where in holland. 

We went through three rivers downtown. It was charming. 

We went across this bridge just outside of town.  Gotta love the pano pic. 

Turned off route to check out this church. 

Saw this freighter at the same time on the st Lawrence. 

Also saw a cool bridge. 

Picked up a couple of homeless girls. 

I hope we don't wipe out 

We passed lots of cool little houses. 

Carrie had a great little stop right along the st Lawrence today. 

Jack talk to a guy from massibec. The gave us pies an coleslaw and maceroni salad. What a great guy check out his Facebook or web sight. Massibec . Com. 

We had to wait for construction lights to change so there was a backup of rubberneckers 
The twins riding behind billy. 

Went over a long bridge with steel grated flooring. 

Cool bridge. 

Reuben and nelly are the raspberries. Carol and I are the strawberries. 

Another bridge and church combo. 

Cool old tractor. 

Reuben the snowmobile. 

A 50's Fargo. 

Lots of small towns. 

My new winter ride. 

After peloton the small groups meet. What a great day 131 km. Average speed. 27.75 kmph. A sunny day. Today the elevation wasn't very much so the cycling was pretty easy. Loving he ride. Len 

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