Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Day 44 Tobermory to Meaford. .

So this morning we had Paul roll into camp. 
Today we didn't have to load or sweep anything so we left at a normal time. 

We passed Bridget and Anita first thing this morning. We must have went by so fast she doesn't remember. 

I think this was the only time Paul was behind me. 

Lots of little climbs today. The first part of the day was forest on both sides of the road. 

Patrick, John and Albert were bent on catching us. We let up so they wouldn't have a heart attack. 

We made a hard left and headed back to the water. 

We stopped at Rachel's coffee shop in lionhead. 

Never seen a toy shop like this. 

An old barn. With lots of silos. 

Dick was riding with Deanna. 

He rode to the next rest stop. 

Back down to the bay again. 

We stopped and had some cookies and water. Not sure who left them here but it was appreciated. 

Lots of steep ups and downs today. 

Carrie had a stop in downtown wiareton.  

More small roads with lots of little turns. 

Betty and the kids at another stop. They took a few picks of us. 

Picture taking time of some great veiws. Lots of climbing to get to these veiws. 
Reuben took this picture from that spot. 
A table celebrating a women's club. 
We had a stop just outside owensound that was put on by the crc church. 

What an awesome spread. I overate and paid for it on the last few hills thanks to everyone who helped to make this a great stop. 

Downtown owensound. 

Cool old hotel. 

We made a pit stop at a local bike shop. 

After a monster climb out of town we headed to camp down hyw 26. Lots more big hills. 

This is me heading down a steep hill full of potholes to the camp entrance . Here safe. We went out to dinner with Reuben , Paul and his family. Had s great time. Off to orillia tomorrow. Len. 

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