Saturday, August 19, 2017

Day 55 riv du loup to le bic.

Well today was going to be a short day. 83 km. They were calling for rain early morning so we decided to start an hour late. 
The rain stopped and people packed up there tents. Loaded the trucks and away we went. 
I put my fenders on so I wouldn't get as much road spray. It was about 14 degrees c.  
Before we new it we saw a sign off course that we just couldn't resist. Could it really be that steep. Down we went. 
This is the veiw we had. It was awsome in the early morning with the clouds low. 

Reuben checked his map and figured we could ride along the coast for awhile and then it would head back up to the main road again.  

We went from pace to gravel 

To a two track grass lane. Apparently the French equivalents to keep out, Private  and cul de sac. Do really mean what they say. A nice couple at the end of the road told us we could walk on the boulders along the beach or head all the way back. 

Here we go up the hill. 

And some more hill. It was steep. And fun. 

Finally got to he first rest stop firmly in last place. It was going to be one of those days. 

Still riding along the seaway.  Farm fields right up to it. 

An old truck forsale. It's in nice shape. 

Reuben in full tuck position down this hill. 

Look at the animals in this antique stores lawn.  

Stopped at this formaggerie.  And got a danish full of cheese and cherry. All we had left to show for it was an empty package.   

Next we came upon a museum that we just had to stop at. Look at those ugly ducklings. 

We saw everything from motorcycles


Bikes and lots more. 

Carrie had the next stop. 

The sky threatened all day long.  But they never opened up. 

Reuben looks like the teacher on finding dory. 

This train zipped past us 29 ft from us. 

We stopped for a deposit and these guys passed us. 
We stopped for second lunch at a place 10 km from camp. 
Almost back in camp. Turns out with all the extra stops and detours we rode 98.5 km today. What a fun say it was. Had pizza for supper. Going to bed. Len. 

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  1. Thank you for your daily reports, Len! I always look forward to reading them. Praying that you have a good day of rest today! God bless you all!