Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Day 58. Amqui to atholeville NB

So half the people slept in the civic centre and the other half in tents. The road noise was a little loud but so was inside. I think without earplugs it was a toss up. It did rain outside for a while though. Got up this morning to a meet a cold and foggy day. 
It turned out to be a front and back light morning.  

Going down into the valley we descended into the fog. 

Some guys were enjoying the morning fly fishing. 

Nelly carol and George. 

Ian showing off. 

Sporting my Canada jersey. 

Chasing down  Eric cara and Doug. 

This group is enjoying the veiw. 

Stopped at this suspension bridge. 

Went past a saw mill. 

The log trucks full of pine logs are like huge air fresheners. 

Covered bridge. 

A sculpture or the covered bridge. 

Loving riding alone the salmon river. 

We stopped short of the second covered bridge. Went down to the river

We skipped some rocks. 

The second rest stop was right beside the bridge. The first bridge didn't allow cars on it   This one still did even though it was sagging in the middles.   

Made our way along the river towards New Brunswick 
We could see water in the distance. We knew we were getting close to cambellville. 

The bridge we have to cross is in the pic. 

Over we went into NB. 

Turns out we're staying in sugarbush campground that happens to be in ahtholeville. 

These guys were grazing close to the sign. 
Not exactly she what u would call a couple of guys from atholeville. I'll let you come up with a few. 

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