Thursday, August 24, 2017

Day 60 Bathurst to St. Louis NB

Last night we had peleton where more people shared words and goodbyes. 
This morning was a cold dewless morning. 

Hers a pic of Carrie and stewart driving past us on the way to a rest stop. Stewart was yelling out the window on your left. 

Such a shame to be passed so early in the morning the only thing you can do is pull over and take a picture so it's not an official pass. 

We rode through the streets of Bathurst being serenaded by bills radio.  

These stacks were being demolished. 

Our last glimps of water before a long inland section. 

Ian put on a lot of weight. I think he was mocking me. 

He got so heavy it takes the two of us pulling together to drag him down the road. 

They look like the stingray from Finding nemo 

Feuling up for some more climbing. 

All the people we passed showed up to the stop. 

Here we caught up with ed. 

Our job is to make them all smile. 

As we were having a picinic a few people went by again.  

Frank , Eric and cara. And pretty much everyone.  

Here Sara and Jen were weaving back and forth to keep us from passing. 

In the distance you can see the river in Miramichi. 

The bridge we have to cross over to get to Miramichi. 

A pano of the river. 

We cued up to go over the bridge. It was one way traffic only. We had to wait for a green light. We had to bike uphill like madmen to get across before traffic from the other way came through. 
I let Reuben go first  so I could get a picture. On the bridge. 

This lady at Tim Hortons. Made me a special donut because they had no eclaries. 

My shadow was chasing me. 

I did a bit of pulling today but I mostly pushed. 

Cool steeple. 
Getting close to camp. 
Reuben extracting a bee stinger. 
My eyes adore you. 
Another day in the books. 129 km  average speed 27.5
Max spd 56.48  2480 ft accent 2434.4 decent. 


  1. Great post Len! Thanks for making me laugh even though I miss not being there! :)

  2. Praying for y'all Len and Carrie! God is with you all the way. All praise and glory to God!