Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day 46 Orillia to Peterborough

Wow what a day. It started with someone showing up. 
It's janebarb. I mean Barbjane. She flew here last night just see us cyclists. Is she awesome. 

We got served super last night and then we had an amazing breakfast this morning. Pancakes and sausages. Bagels eggs. Yogurt. The list goes on. Tims coffee.  

We biked along the edge of simcoe for a while. 

The usual morning bike path. 
Waiting for a traffic light like good responsible cyclists.  
My home is about 60 km in that direction. 
Some long roads. 

Reuben and a barn. #1

Check out this water wind mill. 
We stopped at the kirkfeild lift lock. We saw it go up and down two times. 
Today at the lock I met Bill. We caught eyes and we looked at each and both said I know you. After a great chat we just looked at each other and said isn't it amazing that God had us meet here today. Him fulfilling a dream of traveling by boat the Trent Severn waterway. And me traveling across the country. 
Just up the road Paster Paul and the boys greated me at Carries rest stop. Great to have the support. Thanks guys. 

Here's a couple of trees that  made me think of the African plains. Do they have giraffes here.  

Reuben and barn#2

Reuben and barn#3. 

Look at the flexibility. It's steeper than it looks. 

Nice horse farms. 

Lots of hills today. Steep ones. 

Last rest stop 

This is the second house that's passed us since the tour started. I think I'm really slowing down. 

Solar farm. No cows here. 

Just these guys at the last rest stop. This time I'm serious. 
Stopped at the Peterbourogh lift lock. 

Got into camp and saw these two. Looking forward to there real return in 11 days

We were served an awesome supper tonight. Thanks to the church. 

Then the icing on the cake of this day. Darren Alyssa and Emma came buy. Two encouraging days in a row.  It's so great. I heard people talking about hills and how tough the day was. I can hardly remember that stuff. Amazing how all these great events of today make you forget the hard stuff. Thanks to everyone for your support. Len. 

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