Saturday, August 26, 2017

Day 62 Murray beach to PEI

It rained all night from just after sunset to just before sunrise. 
We went down to the beach to check out the weather over pei. 

Had breakfast. 

We had prayer at precisely 655 am. Like usual. I think they set the atomic clock by it. The non seatosea campers must love us in the morning. I think they all cheer when they find out we won't be around the next morning  we are not the quietest most respectful bunch in the morning

We had to bike 15 km to the base of the bridge but we stopped off at a ward to take some pics. 
These boats were at the warf. 

Ian's bike was levitating. 

We gather together to get shuttled over the bridge.  

Loaded up the bikes into a uhaul. 

Over the bridge onto PEI. 

We didn't bike to Charlottetown straight away like most of the bikers did. We took the long way around. 

Lots of red soil and potatos 

We found a few more cyclists on the way to cavendish. 

The scenery was pretty sweet. 

The rain blew past us a few times. 

We use Ian as our garmen. We let him go first to give us turn by turn directions. 

We had to ride on a gravel section. 

It's red. 

We made a few stops to enjoy the water and inspect the mussel and oyster farms. 

A bunch of us met a Mountie  in cavendish. 

We also met Optimus prime 

Sat by the sea for a while and enjoyed the veiw. 

It's like we had no place to go. 

We're all matchy matchy today. 

Got real close to a couple of foxes. 
Stopped to see Anne of green gables. 

Had a danish. 

Got into character. 

Took another group to the ocean  

Then they followed us back to the other end of the island. 

Past some great spots. 

More oyster farms. 

Back to charrolettown and the crc church. Not this one but it was on the way. We ended up going 125 km today. A great ride.  A fun ride. Loving it. Len. 

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