Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Day 65. Last day Halifax.

Last day. Got up. Had our final breakfast. 
Our final prayer. It was lead by Ed the tour manager. The kitchen truck was emptied. Reuben , Ian and I finally headed out last from the church 

We rode through Truro. 

Past a few barns. 

Enjoying the sun coming up because it was 5 degrees. 

We stopped for a coffee more to warm us and our hands up. 

Not a break neck pace today. Just enjoying the ride. 
Lots of farm country. We got to the first rest stop but it was gone. 
Crossed a lot of bridges with trains and streams. 
We stopped at a crc church and they served us lunch. 

Thanks to the ladies at the church for some great soups on a cold morning. 

Today was very hilly. 

The trucks attempting a pass. 

Full rest stop. We were much closer together today   

Passed a cool train. 

Too bad it was closed. 

More streams to go over. 

Passed a couple of girls returning from there ride. 

We staged at a general store 7 km from the end so we could ride together. 

We rode the last few km to the final stageing area along the coast. 

Got some last riding shots in. 

We gathered together to ride the last 3 km in a full peleton. 

We were at the back. It's a cool sight to see all the riders together. 
The three amigos together for the last km 
Got in a circle to pray together. 
Reuben's family was at the finish to meet him. A great moment. 

Lots of family there to greet us. 
We lined up for a tire dipping. 

The three of us at the finish line. 
I am thankfull for all the support that I've beeen given and it's going to be tough to get back to a new normal. So I'll leave you with one last picture. 

Tommorow I will post another blog with more pics. For now good night and I'm not setting the alarm clock. Len. 


  1. Wow Len, this blog brought tears to my eyes. It seems to me you have made some great new friends on this ride and that you had eachothers back. I feel sad for you that this great ride is over and you have to "get back to normal" but happy that you arrived safely and finished what you started. Love your perseverance!!!

  2. congratulations Uncle Len! What a journey and mission to be a part of. Thankful for your safety and will be thinking of you and Auntie Carrie as you retrace your steps on 4 wheels!!

  3. You did it again Len, I am so proud to call you my son in law. Your stamina amazed me and your commitment. Enjoyed your of the cuff blogs, it made our days. I thank the Lord He kept you and Carrie safe, enjoy your trip home with Evan and Meg. Love Mom

  4. Dear Len/Carrie
    Congratulations and thanks for your commitment to the Sea to Sea journey
    Well done!!!!!
    We enjoyed being a part of the very emotional entrance you made to your final stop
    We thoroughly enjoyed your blog each day
    Blessings to you now as you journey homeward
    Marie. Lawrence

  5. Great riding with Len..thanks for showing me Canada from coast to coast ..it was awesome ..I agree with you and Bren it will be difficult to go back to normal..your ride is ending our daily routine of following you ..loved reading your posts ...your dedication was a good example to us all.. Your sincere comments with encouraging words were great .. Safe journey home again ..what a great way to spend the summer!

  6. Awesome ride Len..loved following you across Canada ..scenery was great ..comments greater ..will be hard to go back to normal ..enjoyed my daily routine of watching you .. enjoyed your encouraging words from time to time and always enjoy seeing you and Carrie enjoying yourselves ..safe journey home... Love you both ...thanks for the ride ..it was a great summer!

  7. Well done, Len and Carrie! It was incredible to see how God was working in and through you throughout the ride! Your encouragement for your fellow riders, for us watching from afar, your reports and updates, your thoughtful insights and challenges were inspired and inspiring. Can't wait to see what God has in store for you next! Enjoy the trip home, God bless!

  8. Len, congratulations and THANK YOU so much for the wonderful blogging all along the way. It made me wish I was there and you almost made me feel I was. :) Blessings to you, until "next time."