Saturday, July 8, 2017

Day 13. Canmore to Calgary

Last night was not that eventful. You didn't miss much. After doing sweep (walking through the school after everyone has left to see what they left behind) Ian an I headed out with Paul and Ruben.  

The town of Canmore is a cute little town surrounded by mountains. 

This would be a great place to live. 

We were some of the last to leave. So we started to track people down. Who's kidding who. We hunted them down. 

Look at that glorious sun rising over the mountains. 

Check out this panoramic. Is what is ahead, beside and behind me. 

I'm going to miss these mountains. 

Took this one at 30 km. 

This almost looks fake. 

Just passed Rudy and Shirley. 

Who wouldn't want to bike this road. 
These guys set a blistering pace. 
Well the landscape started to change. Mountains behind. 
Rolling hills ahead. 

One of the few times I was on front.  

The ride from rest stop 1 to 2 was done at a blistering pace. Over 40 km   

The mountains are getting farther away. 
Another rare moment ahead of the crew. There was a downhill just before this. And I am built for them. 
Another fast leg into the next stop. Lunch at the church inCochrane.  

Look at all these people enjoying the lunch. It was great. 

Saw this great sign by the coffee station. 

Just chilling and eating. 

Carrie was taking attendance. 

Great stop. 

Back on the ride. The scenery is definitely changing.  

Still on the most Canadian Hwy. 1 eh.  

Why do I always look so far behind. 

Lastrest stop before Calgary. I have to be carful not to over do it. A lot of miles next week. 

George rode the last 15 km with us. We made it to camp. What a great day. 

Showers and laundry are the order of the day. 
Off to supper.  Len 

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