Saturday, July 29, 2017

Day 34 Carleton to Ashland wis

Who let the dogs out who who who who. 
This town had a sweet statue of a deer. 

After a nice bike path we headed into the fog. Hold on a second. Did I say nice and bike path in the same sentence. Give my head a shake. 

It was full lights on because of the thick fog. 

It was so thick I had to ride without my sunglasses. They got so wet I couldn't see any thing. 

We crossed over 10 railway tracks today. 

First stop was Carrie's.  Jonathon was taking pics. 

We passed into Wisconsin so I found an appropriate sign welcoming us. 

I think the only thing missing here are sticks. 

Stopped at this windmill on the second stop. It was built by the Finns. That's probably why it only worked for 22 years. 

People stuffing their faces. 

Today we had a lot of  nice rolling hills. 160km worth. 

Still looking for the chocolate fields. 

Saw this old school house or church. 

Saw another great barn. So different from the plains
Lots of rest stops on a long day. 

Ruben looking for some spare parts. 

It's a bit of a fixer upper. 

I call this billy and the trees. I know its brilliant  

950 for this boat. 

3000$ for this truck. 

We're getting into cottage country.  

We stopped for a pic at the delta diner. It's the halfway point in km of the ride. They had great ice cream. 

Apparently someone couldn't handle the whisky ice cream. Talk about a cheap date ;)

This bikes engine has more hp than all these others. 

After the celebration we got back on the road you can see the cyclists dotted on the road. 
More cool barns 
And trucks to see. Who's looking at the road? 
Last stop before camp. 

We got to Ashland beside Lake Superior. 

Two more right turns and we're home for the weekend. 
We got served supper 
And we only had to pay attention for it. 
They even made dessert. It was a great meal. 

This is what happens to you if you try and pass me on a 160km day. Rookies. See you all tomorrow. 

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