Friday, July 28, 2017

Day 33 Grand Rapids to Carlton

Last nights peloton was fun. We announced the winners of the time trail. 
We had a fun meeting. We handed out prizes. Candy bags Carrie picked up. It was a fun time. 

Last night I sat in the lot  and listened to the stock car racing a few blocks away. It reminded me of being a kid laying in bed on Saturday night listening to the racing five miles away.  

Breakfast this morning. I had the usual. Oatmeal with walnuts and a boiled egg. 
A beautiful morning. The sun was shining and it was cool. 
A great smooth road to start the day. It was a treat. 
Passed a cool old barn. 

First rest stop. Everyone was in great spirits. 

Bruce joined us for the ride today. 

We passed over the Mississippi. 

It's not very big. Appeeently this is where it starts. 

Another nice old barn. 
Second rest stop came quickly. Smooth roads and nice conditions have that affect. 

Lots  of water and more rolling hills today 

We stopped in Floodwood for second breakfast. 

We went past a couple of old cars that were for sale. 

More hills. Not too hard to climb but still enjoyable to go down. 
More water. 
Marks salvage. I could spend a few hours in there. 

Getting closer to camp. Seth and eve  sandbagging again. 

Now that's s lawn ornament. 

At camp relaxing after supper. Tomorrow is 169km. 

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