Sunday, July 23, 2017

Day 28 Sunday Winnipeg.

So here we are again in a familiar spot.  At camp guarding the stuff while a bus load heads to church. 

The De Haas family is heading home today. 

We'll all miss the regal at the rest stops. Oh ya I guess will miss Christine too. Our stomachs will miss Megan. Our stomach muscles will miss Ian. Lots of laughs and good times. A great bunch of people who truly know how to live in community. Being a blessing to others and also being blessed through that process. It's easy to be or become selfish on a ride like this. We are being served all day long. Breakfast made. Rest stops provided. Supper served. Sometimes never thinking of the people serving us. After all it's all about me.  Isn't it? After all saved people get served. Or is it saved people serve people. That sounds more like it. I heard a few things this week that made me think. Attitudes of selfishness. Legalistic thoughts. In talking to a few people in camp not from the traditional crc background they felt judged and in turn uncomfortable. I guess we have a lot to learn as individuals and  as main line churches. In talking with some of the younger people authenticity sees to come to the surface a lot. Don't tell me about how to live a life with Christ at the centre. I've heard that plenty of times. Show what that looks like in your life. Give me examples of what the Lord has done in your life. Don't tell me something that your not willing to live out yourself. If you're struggling with something be vulnerable and let me know so I can come along side you and work together and know that we're not all perfect. That's hard work even scary. It's easier to paint our Sunday faces on and coast through. Can u spot a fake add on your Facebook. Sure you can. Kids can spot fake additudes, hearts , and  actions. Do your actions back up what you say. A lot of churches are declining in numbers. Members say we want new members. But we don't want messy people. What if the ruin my Sunday experience. What if they sit on my pillow. What if the change the music. What if more of them want to come. Isn't Sunday for me for my benifit. Isn't it to make me feel good. Is it worth having one soul saved. What's it worth to you. To them. To your kids. Is it worth listening to music that may not be your favourite or that you don't even like to reach an unsaved soul. I think we've all answered that question with our actions in one way and our lips in another.  How can we change the path we're on as churches and members? Hard work and a lot of selfless additudes. 
Well I hope I've made you think today. Sitting on a bike all day gives you a lot of time to think. Living s simple life where all I have to do is get from point a-b gives me time to reflect. The trouble is at night your so busy and tired it's hard to put it into words. I'm thankful for Sundays and a lot of great people surrounding me. Feeling blessed.  Len. 


  1. And we are blessed reading your blog Len. May the Lord continue to be with all the bikers and the backup crew (including our Annie ��). Stay safe, love u mom

  2. We are thankful for you and the rest of the Sea to Sea team. You have been doing an amazing job "putting the words on paper".

  3. Thank you for the reminder, Len! Keep riding, writing and blessing those around you! Praying for you and the whole team!

  4. great truths...and yes, keep on using the hours you are spending on your bike in communion with your Lord and in prayer for others...we are praying for you and your team ! Great work :)

  5. working on catching up on your blog, this is awesome. thanks for the reminder and for sharing the truths God has been putting on your heart while you bike!