Monday, July 3, 2017

Day 7&8. Rest day x2.

Sunday morning.  
Pancakes and bacon made by terry and Megan. Banana in the batter. It was yummy. 

This was our view during breakfast. 

This was the view of the camp from the road 

Fixed the bike today, emptied the motor home and just relaxed today.   

Today we started the day with a nice long climb 
It's a 64 km day so if we take it easy it will be a nice easy day before a tough week. 

Another great day of riding with the mountains surrounding us. I'm trying to savour the veiws before we head to the prairies. 

I think this picture could be a a nice painting. 

First rest stop was busy. 

This guy was waving us on.  

Heading for salmon arm. 

This was our second stop. The home town of the wikkerink sisters.  We had gelato. Then we bought komijne kaas  and droopies.  I also had a piece of home made lemon cheese cake. This was the best stop yet. Thanks to the susters for setting this up. 
People seemed to linger for a while. 

The view from the front of the store where I drank a litre of chocolate milk. 

We did some sight seeing in town. 

We hung out on the pier for a while. Then we went to have a coffee at the pink cherry. 

After that it was camp. Relaxing again. Is this the life or what. See you Len. 

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