Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Day 9 salmon arm to revelstoke.

So last night we got to the school, set up and later headed to the church
 for supper. It was a 20 min walk. 
We lined up for an awesome buffet put on by the crc. 
It was a great meal. 

Great company. Great food. 
This morning got up and at breakfast. Packed a lunch and did a sweep of the gym and rooms to look for stuff left behind.  Found a watch and credit card. Then I found a grateful owner. 
We headed out towards revelstoke. Lots of down hills and up hills. 
We went past a log mill that was right on the lake. 

Our first rest stop was provided by a local church. Very encouraging awesome people. After the stop we went on a side road to get a break from the traffic of Hwy 1. 

Saw this caddy on the side of the road. 

Nice quite Rd   

Great barns. 

As we continued on we got our first glimpse of the Rockies snow covered mountains. 

We may have broke out in some songs. Sound of music stuff and also some disney ones. The senery just got better and better. 

Stop at the sight of the last spike in the railroad across country. 

Back on the road we went. More climbing. 
We stopped at crazy creek. 

Gods beauty is all around us. I'm not sure if you live here, would these veiws get old. 

As the day went on it got hotter. A special treat for the riders was passing a creek that came down from the mountains and joined the main river. The treat was not just the beauty but also the cooling affect that it had on the area. It felt like I was riding into a large cooler. 

Smokey the bear watched as we defended into revelstoke. 

After the ridge we finally stopped at a McDonald's.  

My first Big Mac. 

The mountain a few km from our camp site. 

We went swimming in the lake. 

People are workin on their bikes in anticipation of the biggest climbing day of the whole ride. A bit of nervousness. Pray for safety for tomorrow. 

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