Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 19 Gull lake to Chaplin

Got up on time today. 
Actually had breakfast and packed a lunch. After we pack the gear truck we headed out. 7am 

144 km to ride today. Last to leave but we soon came across people. 

The first rest stop was not that busy. 

Sparky and vikki survived a flat first thing this morning. They are still in great spirits. 
I finally saw a mc ds along the route. It was 945 so I knew they didn't make Big Macs yet. It pained me to ride on by. 
Busy roads with wide shoulders. 

Lots of horses and cattle along the route. 

I kept an eye on my bike today to make sure it didn't get filled with rocks. 

Lots of fields and koolies but not too many rivers like this one. 

If I tell big Mac all the cows look at me. 
This  is carries stop with a field full of frisky carttle. 
We came upon reed lake and the water had a green blue colour to it. Seems to look a bit like the island waters  turns out its salt water.  7 times saltier than the ocean. 

Saw some white pelicans fly over. I did not expect to see them in the middle of the country. 
Last stop kf the day. 
We rode with Christiana ,Kaitlin and Curtis  we sang our way into camp. With a nice tail wind it was fun. 
 Just before camp we came across huge piles of salt. 
Turns out chaplin is here mostly because of this salt mine. 

Carrie backing into a spot at camp. We averaged  over 28 kmph today and I feel like I could have gone a lot further. I'm think I should have because the wind is going to shift. 
We had breakfast burritos for supper. They were yum. I put some hot sauce on it. Turns out my burnt lips are a little sensitive. Ok a lot sensitive. After the peloton meeting everyone is nervous about tomorrow's head wind. Very early morning.  

A nice sunset with the salt mine in the pic. 
Off to bed. What a great day. 

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