Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Day 23. Fort qu....to Yorktown

Last night we had a great supper with ham and salads. 
Dinner time together. 

This little guy had a cherry tomato. 

So this morning we helped Rod and Ruben load the kitchentruck so once again we left last. 

The first ten km we followed the river and then the lake. 

Heading away from camp. 

The 4 of us made good time but still enjoyed the veiws. 

A little church at the edge of the lake. 

This is how the morning usually goes. Me in the front 🤡

Riding up the between the hills. 

An early morning climb. 

The long and unwinding road. Is so long. 

First stop we were the last ones. 

Beauty scenes. 

Words can't describe. 

Jim , MIT ,Ruben and Rod. 

We finally met up with some other cyclists. 

The town of  Melville 

Ian and Ruben taking the train to camp. 

Riding along the tracks all day. 

I couldn't stop with the pics today. 

Carries last stop. 

Took this pic. We had ridden along the tracks all day but no trains came by so I was checking to see if the tracks were shiny. 

A few roads later they wanted in on the pics. 

Looks like we could ride the tracks all day. 

My old reliable Raleigh   She's been great. 
We got to the last town and saw this monster truck. 

Selfy time. 118 km later were in camp. A great day of riding and pics. The wind was in our face for the last 20 km but it didn't matter we still had a great day. 
See u later Len. 

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  1. Best blog going! Keep riding strong Len and keep em all cared for Carrie! My favorite quote from my week with everyone was Len and Ian saying; "if you're not having fun you're on the wrong tour".