Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 22 Regina to Fort qu'appelle

Well yesterday was a good day. Enjoyed the day off. Supper was good. It was supplied. 
Everyone was trying to find shade. It was very hot still. 
The sunset was great.i tried to get artistic. 
This morning we had our normal gathering for prayer before the ride. This morning was different. First we had to review the plan of going through a construction zone. We all had to gather 500 meters down the road and ride together at 7 am sharp. However before that happened we prayed and all said the Lord's Prayer together. The plan for today was to ride around 20 km in silence after the construction zone. The idea was to honour Clarence. It was a stark reminder of the danger of cycling. We do acknowledge that God has the whole world in his hands.  

Lined up ready to go. 

Around the first corner of our 3 km parade. 

Not too often were all together at the start of the day. 

Over a bridge with low sides, so the we're worried that we would fall off. 

After the construction we spread out and started the ride of silence. 

Back to the long straight roads. We're off the trans Canada hyw. Today's ride was a lot less traffic. 

A couple of dogs were chasing the riders. I did the only thing I could , I put Ruben between me and the dogs. 

This was a cool steel buffalo sign.  

There seems to be a lot of people growing marsh mellows. I guess we just a few weeks early. 

Once again they have me as the mule up front 😜

Here's a nice pic of the beautiful country side we're going through.  

Ian has our model posing for his pic.  

I think it goes. Clowns to the left of me 
Jokers to the right. 

As far as the eye can see. 

Stuck in the middle. 

I got you singing didn't I. You know I did. 

On the way to the second stop big blue the tandem came screaming past us. I asked them at the rest stop if the was a sale on something or maybe baked goods. They said it's just like taking your old car out to clean the carbon out. 

An old barn just before our final town. 

The fort sign. 

We went screaming down the hill into town. Rumbles on the left, impalers on the right. 
These guys behind me. 

Last stop at dairy queen about a km from camp. Happy to have a short day. 80 km I don't think I broke a sweat. I'm loving the new places I ride through and to. 

Here's my best bud on the ride. 


  1. Oh how I wish We were there with you guys

  2. Hey Len get ready for Manitoba. When you see Winnipeg you will think you are almost there. It's a mirage because it so flat. Your still a day or two away. At least there won't be any hills to climb!