Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The state park to Iliana Christ. High

Well it rained last night. We woke up at 6 to dripping on the tent. We packed up and headed out of the park. Usually there are markings on the road for our departure. Today there were none. I said let's go left but the guys behind me said no its right. So right we went. After few Km's we passed people going in the opposite direction. So people were stopping and talking trying to figure out who was going in the right direction. I'm not that patient so I kept riding. I almost made it to a second entrance to the park. Who new there were two entrances. Turns out I was going the opposite way. So I turned around and away we went. 
Somewhere in this pic is a wild turkey. 
Nice change of subject eh. We've been teaching the Americans how to speak Canadian. They like to use "a"s where the "o"s are. Like college they say callege. I told them we say collage eh. So we use a lot of A s too but we use them at the end of the sentences. An't that right eh. 
Back to the ride. I'm not sure about you but when I'm a little upset I like to play hockey or exercise, chop wood or walk in the onion field ;). 
Well I started biking today an almost right away we hooked onto George and barb. We were clipping along at 30+ km. after George went straight at a corner we yelled and turned. Now I was leading. I kept the same pace for pretty much the rest of the day. 
So I didn't take many pics today cause I was leading. I got a few drive buys. 
We got to the third sag stop and started on a bike trail. 
A quick drink and off we went. 
By the time we got onto the last section of bike trail we had the first 9 people in a row. It was fun. 
We went 100 miles in 5hrs and 48 min. 
We were the first group in today. 

Once we got to the high school they had supper for us 
And afterwards we had a ice cream social
Great people here. What a welcome.
My knees are a little sore so I have them on ice. Getting closer to little Jerusalem. See you all tommorow   Len. 
Ps the phone and Internet was not good lately so sorry about the late posts. I had them written but I couldn't get them too you. 
Here's a tractor from a couple of days ago. 


  1. Hey Len - keep on trucking - I mean biking! When your talking about turkeys going in the wrong direction and then about a turkey in a picture are you really changing the subject?... Praying for every cyclist's safety and a step (or a hundred miles) closer to the end in poverty!

  2. Thanks for the updates Len. Glad to hear all is well! Prayers continue for safety and continued strength on the ride. Almost 6 weeks finished! crazy eh? ;)

  3. Hope your knee feels better soon, 2/3rds done almost, good job
    Now why do I remember an onion field?? :-)