Monday, July 15, 2013

Colorado Springs to Limon

WToday was a misty day. Got up at 430 and brought Carrie to the airport. Defenetly misty. Drove through some rain on the way to and from the airport. Misty as well. Got back to camp at 545 am and most people were ready to go. Seeing I was on sweep today I helped clean up, ate breakfast, and cleaned up the bedding. We didn't want to wake everyone up so we snuck out of the hall. After all the chores, Stan, Harold and I left for Limon Colorado. It didn't take long before we hit the rain. A little at first. Enough to fog your glasses and annoy you. 
On we went. The day started with what seems to be the usual. That is a climb. The first 17 km we climbed about 800 feet. I know I use both standard and metric. What can I say I was brought up in a time that Canada was switching over to metric. So in school we learned both. 
  Halfway the climb it really started to rain. We kept telling ourselves it was just misting. 
It got so bad we started singing again. Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens.( sound of music). Then we figured it was a typical Scottish day with the mist and all. We called it Robby burns day.  So naturally we had to talk with a Scottish accent. Turns out that if its not Scottish it's crap. Say that with a Scottish accent. Lets just say that I think we were the only ones enjoying the ride today. 
I don't have a lot of pics today. 
I got a flat In the rain. Not fun to change. It went flat with a bang. About 20 minutes later Stan got one. But like usual team weigh more sticks together, fixes the flats and continues on. 
Well we ran into a couple of lone riders and picked them up. Before you knew it we had 10 riders on team weigh more. 
The skies finally cleared at around lunch time. I loosen off my shoes to try and dry my sloshing feet. At one of the last sag stops I took my shoes off because it was so windy and tried to dry up a bit. 
In the last five miles I got a sudden burst if energy, I could smell it, there was a McDonald's ahead. Next thing you know I did the craziest thing ever. Yup I drive right past it. Into camp I rode. Once into camp I checked my phone and found out Carrie had made it home safely. 
I called her right away. It was nice to see the welcome she received. ( misty) 
I showered and set up my tent. Of coarse it's windy. I decided to use all the tent pegs tonight seeing its just me in the tent. I figured it would be a good time to blog. 
Here's a pic of a truck I saw in Colorado Springs. It's like a bonus pic. Well I have to clean and lube my bike. See you all tommorow      Len 
Oh ya don't forget to go on YouTube and check out the latest 60 seconds with c2c 
It's on restorative1 channel. 


  1. Even though it was hot and sunny today it was misty here too. Love and miss you already.

  2. Nice Pictures Len, great sense of humor, you and your team have...keep up the great team work...have a great day/ night :)))

  3. you make me laugh out loud! and I did try say it out loud, in my terrible Scottish accent. thanks for the smiles through the mist!

  4. Thanks for sending Mom home for a few days - we very much appreciate it! Hope the weather stays cooler for you, but no more rain. Love reading your journey everyday - makes it easier since you are so far away! Love and miss you tons! Only 3 3/4 weeks left till we get to see you again (yes I am counting down the days!)

  5. Len, I enjoy your posts as well as your sense of humor. Looking forward to meeting you when I join the ride in Grand Rapids, MI!