Saturday, July 20, 2013

Town with the pool to fairbury

This morning we got a late start. We headed east pretty much all day. The legs and knees took a little while to get going. Today was a 78 mile ride, around 126 km. 
lots of rolling hills with corn on both sides. Sometimes there would be cows on one side and corn on the other. It was an exciting change of pace. 
Dark clouds and weather was starting to form on front of us. When you bike in a straight line all day there's not much to do but look at the weather. The closer we got to it the more it seemed to surround us. 
With the weather came wind. It was in our faces. The best thing to do is get in a straight line so the first guy breaks wind, actually he breaks THE wind. You can already see the sky start to fill in and darken all around us. I pulled this line for about 30 km. 
we stopped at this historical marker. I haven't read it yet but if the made a big enough deal to make it there must be some good info in it. Besides if you see something other than corn or cows you stop and take pics. 
For all my farming buddies here's a pic of an irrigation pivot. Every five miles or so you come across a car engine driving a pump. There usually running full out with cut off pipes. The interesting part is they run on natural gas. It's kinda handy not needing to fill the unit with fuel. 
As we pounded the miles on the sky got darker. We stopped to cover our leather seats. A few miles later the sky opened and the rain came down. After about  10 km in the rain I had to stop. I took my shoes off, removed my socks and wrung them out. I dumped my shoes out, put it all back on and away I went. The rain let up a few km from the fairbury park witch will be our home for the weekend. 
There calling for rain this weekend in town. So hopefully my stuff gets less wet set up than it did yesterday in the hockey bags. 


  1. Love traveling along vicariously through you! Love the posts and pics, as well as the humor! Enjoy your day of rest and worship. Praying and praising God with all of you.

  2. Love your posts Len, you become funnier as you age. Not sure you should be up front breaking wind though :)

  3. PS, we had the same cloud formations as you had, it looked like sheeps wool, never seen that before.