Monday, July 1, 2013

Riding in the sun

Happy Canada day everyone. We started the day with little Canadian flags all over the place. For breakfast we had pancakes and bacon. That was a good reminder of home. After breakfast we headed to a spot on pine river called wagon wheel. It was about 25 km up in the mountains. A good climb there and a good climb back. At the stop we swam in a mountain stream. It was fun. Very cold but refreshing. A few hills on the way were at a 16% grade. That's steep, really steep. I got a chance to clean my bike finally, everyone was giving me a hard time about it. It's still way over 100 deg. The bike ride on the way back was tough. Tommorow we start back on the route. Looking forward to an early start to beat the heat. Carrie went to a sag meeting. Hey if you want to see some videos of me an others just go on YouTube under restorative1  he does a great job of capturing parts of the ride and we have a lot of fun making them. Ask some young punk to help you if you can't find them. Some bike repair guys came today and helped fix and adjust our bikes. That was really awesome. Alright I have to go right now and grab a new tube to replace the one I used on the way to quartzite. I don't want to be stuck without one tommorow. Love you all 

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