Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fogle lake camp

After staying in a nice park yesterday it's tough to get up and move the next day. But move we must. The sunset last night was awesome. This morning I was on sweep so Harold and I left last from camp. With 140 km to ride we hopped  to it. Well whoever said Iowa was flat never rode this section on a bike. I'm not sure what the elevation gain and loss was but I think it was more than our days in the mountains. I am sore and beat up. Well I just found out that we climbed 3800 feet. That was the third highest climbing day the whole trip. No wonder I feel the way I do. 
Last night their was a big crack then a load " what".  A big tree  ranch fell on Billy's tent. I think it was only a couple days old. I think everyone will be looking up next time the set up their tents. 
The hills were all pretty much too long to carry any momentum up the other side. It was a slow grind. They said their would be mental days well this was one. We tried to stay distracted. 
The corn is pretty tall here
They were filling up the trucks with corn. I'm not sure if their making room for this years or if that was this years. 
There were not as many deserted places through these parts but still plenty of old places. 
I've never driven on so many cement roads. It was nice and smooth. Well other than the cracks. 
Well about half way the ride,  we came across a "sign" that we might be getting close to the end of the ride. How could that be. We're in the middle of Iowa. 
Yes that's a surf board on the roof. Not too sure where they would use it. 
Well when we got to camp and had supper a local united church group made pies and ice cream as a fundraiser for their new church. They raised over 700 $ 
They even had an old motor running as it made ice cream.  
It was fun. I'm out of time and the Mosquitos are biting me. Ill try and post this tonight but the cell reception sucks. 
See you tommorow  len 

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  1. Hi Len, If I haven't already said it, Great blogs and great pictures. An avid follower. Keep safe. Corrie van der Kuur