Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fogle lake to Chairiton

Well the fun didn't stop last night. We had talent night at peloton. People did goofy things, and it was a lot of fun. Stan was the host. We only got through a few groups because of the desert. I think the plan is to continue tonight. 
Today is another long day 75 miles or 120 km. lots of hills. It's easier to just focus on the next hill or the next sag stop. As we started out today our legs and knees hurt. It takes about 5 km to settle in and warm up. Lots of cement roads again. Also we actually passed a lake that had boats in it. That's the first time we passed a lake like that. Since half way Nebraska the streams, creeks and rivers started to actually have water in them. No really before that one in every fifty had water. There is more trees around now and everything  is a lot greener. 
Anyone for some rolling hills. 
This is what happens to your bike if you don't ride it anymore. 
They had an outdoor jail in this town and a couple of old houses. One was in let's say original condition. 
The next house was beautiful. It was out if place in a small town that was run down.
Not sure go good you can see it , cause on my small screen it seems a little dark. 
This was the Main Street and the only place left was the post office. It recently closed too. 
Well we arrived at our new camp in Chairiton. There's bathrooms but no showers so were using the outdoor showers. They work fine just a little cold. Mind you on a hot day that's ok. 
So the camp is about 500 yards from a train track. Only 7 trains came by km the last couple hours. I guess I'll need the ear plugs tonight. Looking forward to tommorow when Carrie comes and meets us in pella. 

 See you tommorow  Len 
This is today's  bonus pic 


  1. Reading your posts every day and enjoying the scenery you post. So where have all the people gone--in the towns that is. Praying for all your safety as well

  2. Really enjoy your blogs and pictures!

  3. Keep it up, Len! Love reading your posts every day. Say hi to Carrie for us.