Thursday, July 11, 2013

Alamosa to Poncha Springs

The days are busy and the time seems to be going by fast. Today we ended in the place we were supposed to be by the old route. Thanks to the fires we added about 90 miles to get us back on track. We packed up and headed out at a more normal time we actually woke up at 5.55 am. Now that's sleeping in. 
The sunrise was amazing coming over the mountains. We were in the middle of a plain with mountains all around us. The last 30 miles of yesterday's ride was a straight road into Alamosa. Well today we made a couple of turns in town and then it was a straight shot  north to Poncha  springs. 
The first sag stop was Carries. In the background was the great sand dunes national park. 
It was pretty far away so I had to zoom in. Apparently all the sand blows through the plain and stacks up against that mountain. It's like a who different world. 
The road was long and straight and seemed to go on forever. When we finally came to a curve we all cheered. 
How's this for a view. 
We biked to the mountains and then between them and slowly started to climb. I was pretty tired. 
By the time we got to the top. I was hoping there was no more climbing. To my delight we had a  down hill ride about 10 km long. At 50km per hour I was taking pictures.
A cool old bridge on the way down
A shot of the rode ahead. I put my phone back and got some speed going. This time I revved it up to 85.4 km per hour. I have to say it was awesome.
 Once we go to the bottom we were pretty much at camp so we celebrated with a pils . I know I'm Dutch cause I have to tell you it was only 2$. Got into camp tired. Going to sleep now see you all tommorow.    Len

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