Friday, July 5, 2013

Zuni to Rehoboth

Today we woke up at 630, 530 yesterday's time because we biked through a time zone. Packed up witch was much easier because we didn't have to take a tent down. I had a lot of time because Stan was on duty for sweep so I waited till he was done and the truck was loaded. I was going to top up my tires when I noticed my back was flat. So I had to install a new tube. So now we're ready to go right? Nope Stan goes to get on his bike and see's he doesn't have his  biking shoes on. We open the gear trailer and he crawls in. Now we're ready to go. What do you know, another climb out of the town of Zuni. Today the landscape changed again from red rocks to a yellow kind. I took a few pics to try and show this. One looks like a cave in the side of a Mesa.  We also saw a snake on the side of the road. It was at lest 4 feet long. Well after a long climb we came to a sag stop. 
The jonnny on the spot hasn't been emptied since we started. So the ladies pulling it an the people going in it were nit happy. As we were leaving Mark noticed a truck that pumps out the portable toilets go by. A mile down the road he was stopped and was servicing one of his units. So Dave and I biked over to him   .  I talked to him and told him where we were going and what we were doing. He said he noticed the potty on the trailer, of coarse he did. That's his job. I asked him what direction he was going and that our toilet hadn't been service since we started. My phone had no service so I couldn't call them to stop. He said if he saw them on his way to gallop he would stop and clean it. By the time we arrived at the next sag stop, there was the crapper all shinny and clean. Guess what the guys name was. Nope not Len, nope your wrong not that either. Ill give you a hint, it was a Mexican / Spanish  name. Give up? Jesus , really , how cool is that. There's a little wooden bridge that went over a deep wash that was as dry as a bone. They been in a drought for a long time. We got into town and stopped for a coffee. Well I didn't have a coffee but everyone else did. On we went to Rehoboth Christian school. We arrived and showered. Some people set up tents and did laundry. Then a storm rolled in. Apparently  it has rained like that for 8 months. It's very dry here. Some of the young kids went out and showered in the rain. Fun. They've got a cultural tour tonight at 630.  Ill let you know tommorow  how it went. Oh ya the last 5 miles was on Route 66. Come to think about it this place reminds me of  Cars the movie.  See you tommorow  Len 

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  1. Great to hear, Uncle Len!!!
    Hope your ride continues to go well and that you continue to be a light on the road!!