Sunday, July 7, 2013


Sunday a day of rest.  Loving the day of rest.  Had a few more thoughts on yesterday's ride. How blessed we were. The rain The Lord provided not only blessed the land and the people who live on it, but did many other things as well. It closed the road witch gave us a very low traffic day. What a blessing on a normally  busy high way  was quiet. Also the shoulders of the road were washed clean. Being on the tour for two weeks has been a blessing. It's about the right time for people's true colours to come out. Let me tell you there are some great people here, many with a real servants hearts. Awesome.  It's funny that when I was trying to type servant, serpent kept coming up. There's those people too.  Turns out the reflector for today talks about Jesus being meek not weak. Meekness is knowing we can't complete this journey on our own. We need the prayers of all the people following the ride. 
This morning we had French toast and bacon for breakfast. I told these guys that they would make great wives some day and that I would put their pic in my blog.  So all the single lady's take notice. Not only good looking but they can cook too. 
We were blessed to be hosted by the Bethel church in Shiprock. Half the songs were sung in Navajo. We were truly blessed to be here because the high school we were supposed to stay in had no water  hook up, and these people took us in. 
  Some people are going to the four corners. It's a spot where four states connect together. 
Some people are fixing their bikes, cleaning, and doing last minute tune ups. 
Stan is setting up his tent because it was still wet from yesterday's rain. 
Well I guess I'll take a nap, clean my bike,
Off to afternoon church then peloton and mat e to a pool to cool off . Check the route for the next three days cause they had to change them. We are no longer going through wolfs creek pass because of the forest fires. Apparently 19 fire fighters from Arizona  lost their lives. There are lots if fires in the area so we are taking a new route. This seems to be the tour of compromise  and plan B. so off we go tommorow in a new direction. Love you all Len 

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  1. Tour Compromise for sure, but still a witness wherever you go!!