Tuesday, July 2, 2013

On the road again

5 o'clock this morning we get up in payson. Our destination today is a town, well actually its two towns right beside each other called Heber -over guard 
We ate a quick breakfast and Carrie got on the road so she could get to the first stop before the riders. I packed up the sheets,beds,chair and tent and brought it all over to the gear truck. I got changed and we headed out. Stan, Ava and I started biking and we began to climb. Up we went. It was a 3000 foot climb today. The last climb of the day was about a 5 mile climb at a 5-6% grade.  That was the never ending climb. At the top, as well as on the way up the views were amazing and inspiring. The pics don't do it justice. After we reached the summit it was a fairly level ride to our latest stop. Ava bike started acting up, but we managed to figure out what the problem was. She had to keep pedalling to make it work. The shoulders on the road got very narrow so it was stressful the last 10 miles. Back at camp Harold helped her fix it so it looks good for tommorow. Funny story Carrie talked to a guy about the troubles the kitchen trailer was having and  volunteered me. After setting up the tent and beds I looked at the trailer. I figured out that the generator was running too slow so everything was under powered. I got a tie wrap and set the throttle full. Now all the pieces of equipment are working properly. One last piece of equipment still has a problem but their going to get some parts in and we'll fix it then. A nice storm rolled in the evening. We had rain and a nice thunder and lightning display. The temperature is dropping off tonight. I guess it's because we're so high up in the mountains. Well time to hit the pillow. It was nice to get back in the road again. See you later


  1. Long sleeves! What a change from last week:) Glad the tour is getting back to normal (if there is such a thing).

  2. Great to hear that your on the road again Len & Carrie! and a different state to see. Stay safe and we continue to pray for you on Week 2. Love the pics! your looking Buff!xo

  3. hey Len use the brakes going downhill . Remember the sled ride at Blue Mountain. JB

  4. Of course Carrie offered your help, she knows you are Mr. fixit!!, stay well and safe, love from us all in Jamaica