Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lansing Illinois to Benton Harbour MI

After sleeping indoors last night we woke up to find out it rained last night. I feel like we're the Israelites taking our cloud with us across the country. The tour de rain strikes again. 
We woke up a little late 605. But the best part was no tent to pack up. It gets better. They made us breakfast, scrambled eggs,pancakes, sausage,it was awesome. Best part was everyone had a sit down breakfast and enjoyed fellowship. Even the real earlies stuck around. 
It was a day of almost 90 miles again.  We crossed from Illinois to Indiana. 
We rode some nice trails today. 
Before we knew it we were at Lake Michigan. It was nice to see the Great Lakes again. Around the corner and we ran into a sag. 
The best sag ever. 
I got some ice for my knee. Alright I guess I over did it yesterday. I had to take some ibuprofen witch helped. We continued along the lakeshore. 
I had a great group today. Harold, Barb, and Jane pulled me along today. It was great. 
We went through little towns with marinas and boats. It was a very scenic ride. 
Into Michigan we went. We had to climb over a railway track and cross a highway to get this picture. Jane and I were the only ones who dared to get to the sign. Either that or crazy enough to get there. 
We stopped for coffee and hot chocolate at a cafe in Michigan. 
The last few miles were tough. Thanks again to my team for pulling me in.  
See you all tommorow Len 
I've got to go I'm on sweep tonight. 


  1. Awesome, Len! You're only a Sate away! God bless you all!

  2. Wow 3 states in one day - pretty sweet! We are getting rain over here too so that must mean you are getting close! :) Love you!