Saturday, August 3, 2013

Holland to Grand Rapids.

Today we got up after six but ill have to admit that we were awake much earlier. It's amazing on a day when you don't gave to rush or leave early, people can't help themselves. I'm guessing they didn't realize that slamming doors at 5am would wake people up. 
We had a pancake breakfast served for us. Notice how awake I look. It was a 40 mile day and lunch was served at 11 in Calvin CRC. 
Well off Harold , Peter and I went. 
We went through the town of vriesland.
I'm assuming people must be stubborn there. It's just a hunch I have. :) 
The next thing I knew I was sucked into the vortex called vanderawsome land. I think that should be a theme park some ware.  This large group of people were holding up signs and cheering for Harold and we were only 10 miles into the ride. I was so amazed by it all I didn't even take a pic. Sorry. Off we went again. 
Through fields on the way to the first sag stop. Well we didn't make to the next stop because we were intercepted by the vanderawsome  crowd. That was pretty cool for Harold.
Peter andI pigged out on some cookies while Harold talked to everyone.
    At the sag we found out we had only half an hour before lunch was being served. Time to put the hammer down and get to cycling. 
Before we did that though, their was a tractor show.  Actually it was tommorow but they already had a few set out. I couldn't just drive by without a couple of pics. 
We made it to the church in record time. Well it was about 1130. I met my friend Jerry at the church. That was neat. 
All the riders gathered at the church to ride together to Calvin. Now I have to say that riding in a big group makes me nervous. So I figured the best way to fix that would be to ride at the front or the back. 
This was my view to the left. ( Harold)
This was my view to the front. Take a guess what my view to the back looked like. No peeking.  
Yup you guessed it I was at the front. It was fun. 
Karl and Brandon behind us. 
I might have rode out front to get this pic. 
Tommorow is a celebration. Ill try to remember to get pics. See you all later   Len


  1. Len, awesome pictures, love reading your blogs. May God bless and keep you all safe, and heal your sore legs:)). Go Cousin Go

  2. Enjoy your day off in Grand Rapids Len!