Monday, August 19, 2013

Montreal to Ausable

Well this is the second time I'm writing this blog tonight. It's not an easy thing for me because once I write something I wipe my brain clean. 
This morning was the usual mad rush to get going. Breakfast was scrambled eggs , fried potatoes and oatmeal. Plus all the usual toast, bagels and cereal. 
We stayed on Indian reserve over the weekend. They let us stay at their survival school. Seeing as school was starting Monday morning it was a good thing that we got out of town early. 
The stop signs on the reserve are bilingual but the second language is Mohawk. 
The roads we left on were through the reserve. I was considering taking up smoking because all the smoke shops and the great deals.
Once off the reserve we came to a section of farm land that looked just like we were ride through the holland marsh in Ontario. The black muck , onions and 
Carrots. Hey did you notice that my helmet is new. I got the flat black one of the same brand as my previous blue one. They didn't have a blue one my size so this one matched my bike. Nice to have the same fitting helmet on today. 

Jane was enjoying the massage we got from the gravel road. 
Harold's arm got tired from giving us the loose gravel signal. 
We rode down a snowmobile/ bike trail. It used to be a train track. It was a nice trail. That took us pretty much to the border. 
We got over just before the gear and kitchen trucks. It was a nice back road crossing. 
So here we are back in the states. We're on the home stretch.
We passed a few old barns and farms. 
We rode along lake Champlain for most of the time in the USA.  I got a flat and as we were fixing it we notice a local resterant. 
Had lunch there. Afterwards we brought Carrie a club sandwich. Boot strap Jane strapped it on her bike and brought it to her. We handed out a bunch of cards in the place. Most people are excited when they hear about the seatosea. 
We saw a couple of planes. 
I think this was a bomber.
We climbed a pretty good hill just before camp. It was a nice taste of what's to come tommorow. Today we went 125km. 
This is the reason I lost my blog the first time. The truck that was delivering food got stuck. So we pulled it out with one of our trucks. Always an adventure.  Well that's it for today. Big day tommorow  

Here's a couple of pics 
A nice old truck. 
A couple of rednecks pushing their dodge down Main Street Plattsburgh. 



  1. Sorry to hear you had a flat tire. Your new helmet looks great, matches your bike:). Hey it look like Harold was trying to signal turning left, ha ha. Go Len Go :)..May God give you all the strength to go up all the hills, mountains, and Bless all of you and the Sea to Sea Gang. All the Best Len, Carrie and Harold.

  2. win the Blog Prize for best pictures along the 2013 S/S trail !!! Enjoy the final days. On to NYC.

  3. No more Mondays!! :) Enjoy your last Tuesday and so on!!! :) So excited to see the pictures you dipping that tire!