Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sleepy Hollow to Imlay high school

Today we got up at 600. It spit a few times last night but we were dry in the morning. Had breakfast and made a lunch. Someone said it may rain today. A chance of a shower at 11. Possible thunder showers at 1. Well away we went. 
Harold Peter , John and I headed out. The roads at first were bumpy. Then it started to mist. Off and on. 
I told Peter I got a picture of the abominable snowman. Then I show him this pic of him leading the pack. It's just as rare. 
Stopped just outside of Flint at Carries sag. We picked up a couple of older ladies who didn't feel comfortable biking through town on their own. 
The roads were in rough shape. Some roads I just couldn't point out all the pot holes. It wasn't a busy road so we said everyone spread out and fend for yourself. Through town the tour de rain started again. We came into a sketchy part of town and I was leading.  I have to say we blew through about three or four red lights.  The people behind me followed and asked me what I was doing. I told them unless they wanted to lose their hubcaps we weren't stopping. We got to the sag on the other side of town with no problems. I went to a McDonald's today but I only used the washroom. It wasn't easy.  The not eating in mcds. That's what wasn't easy. 
We were getting close to the end of the ride. 
We went past a lake and some boats. I'm missing summer at home. Through all the rain I thought I'd make it to camp with dry shoes. The rain would calm down just before they would get soaked. Then the last 10 k it rain harder and harder. By the time we got into the school I was soaked. The bike was filthy. Looks like I have my work for tonight. 
Tent is set up. Laundry done. Bike cleanish. Hopefully it doesn't rain tonight.
I took it a little easier today. Well not really.  I just took it easier at the end because I could feel my knee starting up again.  So there's proof you can teach an old dog a new trick.   I'm looking forward to crossing over into Canada tommorow. I hear we're going on a ferry. Should be neat. Ill get lots of pics. See you Len 
Today's bonus pics are of Joan. 
This is someone who plays hard and relaxes hard. She's awesome. 


  1. Take it easy on that knee!
    Say hi to Carrie!
    God bless,

  2. Praying that the rain may hold off for you, praying for your knee to hang in there, praying for your family at home who probably can't wait to see you, praying that you will be safe on the road, praying for Carrie and praying for you Len that you will continue to endure and that God will provide for all your needs.You rock!!

  3. Next time you pass a MCDEEE please have something, I don't care what it is, but do something fun to satisfy your stomach.

  4. Welcome to Ontario Len and Carrie:). Praying for dryer weather, hope your knees and legs heal too..