Saturday, August 24, 2013

The final day part2of2

We got off the ferry and staged to get a police escort. 
This was looking back. 
It was a sea of bikers. Funny once we got going we had to climb some steep hills. All the warriors enjoyed the climb. 
Right turn. 
Left turn. We were at the end. 
There were only a few behind me. 
We stopped off for a couple of pics. 
This is what everyone was taking pics of. 
Nice bridge. And fort. 
They had goats running the hill. 
We arrived at the Middletown beach for the tire dipping. 
Carrie and I. We made it. 
I'm the black helmet   
It was a big group. 
Of course I had to do a self portrait
Me , Jane , Barb and Harold 
We Made a big circle and thanked god for everything. 
Thanks to Lawrence and Marie for coming to the ferry, beach and dinner. 
We lined back up to travel to our final camping spot. 
We had a police escort again. What service. 
Marc showing off his leg span. 
Our final stop. 
Here's our small group. Group 31. What a great group. This is an experience ill never forget. One that has and will continue to change me. I'm hoping for the better ;) I gained a lot of good friends. Love you all Len 

One last bonus pic a truck I saw during the ride. I didn't get it all because I was moving. 


  1. Awesome Len & Carrie! Our God is an awesome God and when His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven He will end poverty! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us! Safe travels home!

  2. Thanks for sharing your journey through pictures with all of us Uncle Len!! So glad I was able to get a snapshot of your trip!!! God bless on your way home and as you adjust back to routine! You have been missed around here, but I know you will have amazing stories to share of the awesome things you have seen and the hope you have shared!

  3. Peace to you and Carrie !!! Now we share your efforts through memories (blogs) forever. Continue your lives with pride and understanding...

  4. Wow Len what an amazing feat you have accomplished! It was nice sharing your journey with you as you blogged about it. Thanks for sharing. May God bless you in these next weeks as you adjust to being home again.

  5. Welcome home Len and Carrie :). May God continue to bless you in everything you do and share with others of your blessed stories.

  6. Congratulations!! It was awesome to travel with you through your blog. God take care of you all as you come back home.

  7. Thanks Len, for taking time to take pictures and blog, no matter what the day. It will be a wonderful chronicle of a great tour from Sea to Sea. God's Blessing as you start life's next Journey. Corrie van der Kuur

  8. Way to go Len and Carrie! You came along ways since Box Canyon Road way back in June. I see your ending pictures and, wow, 2008 Sea to Sea seems like such a long time ago now. You'll have lots to think and reminisce about for years to come. Sea to Sea forever!