Friday, August 2, 2013

Benton harbour to Hope Collage

So last night we stayed in the rough part of town. The locals were wondering who was crazy enough to pitch a tent in , the hood. We did. I woke up this morning to the sound of rain on my tent. It was just getting light out. I looked out if my tent window and saw dark clouds approaching. I got up and we packed up lickety  split. 
After we did we packed our lunch and snacks. I was on sweep this morning so Harold and Peter had to wait for me. It started to pour rain. Funny it actually made the cleanup faster. After a break in the rain we headed out. 
It started to pour shortly after and rained for most of the ride. Harold is wringing out his gloves at the first sag stop. 
They had donuts as soon as we came in. 
They also had coffee and cookies, blueberries and all sorts of goodies. It was hard to get back on the bikes after that. It was cold and my legs felt like lead. 
We kept our spirits high despite the rain. 
We went right along Lake Michigan. I'm sure if it wasn't pouring rain it would have been even better. 
We took a little detour and crossed the river on the chain ferry. It was a hand crank ferry.  
A chain crossed the river and it picked it up. You had to crank the handle and it brought you across. 
It was a fun distraction to a wet day. 
It just started to dry up in the last 10 miles. I saw a nice pickup on they way. We made good time despite the weather and my knee. I rode most of the day pushing with my right leg. All the while trying not to wreck my good leg. 
Harold and Peter pulled me into holland. By then it was dry. Another longer day then expected. Well look who showed up. 
John and grace, Carries sister showed up today. We had a nice time touring around town.
We went and saw a windmill. We also saw some Dutch wooden shoe dance. 
Let me tell you that was exciting. 
We went out for dinner. It was a nice piece of home. It was a great distraction. Thanks to them both.  Of to bed. Heading to Jerusalem tommorow Len 


  1. We loved it too Len and Carrie, have fun tomorrow in Grand Rapids! and continued safety and prayers along with you all! It was a great day!

  2. Wow, what great surprise after a long day. You and all the riders are inspirational. I' be been following on facebook and all I can say is WOW. My prayers and thoughts are with you & all the riders.

    Keep your spirits up, you all are inspirational.

  3. Loving the pictures and the blog Len. Praying for everyone's safety as you travel in rain and a special prayer for your knees