Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Imlay high to Sarnia Canada

Up early again. Is Len in this tent, I hear. He sure is, we reply. The generator won't stay running. So out I went. A couple of guys were checking it out for a while. After a minute we found out the fuel tank wasn't venting. A vent line was pinched. After that it fired up and breakfast was back on. 
We cleaned up the tent and stuff, and had a quick breakfast. A storm was rolling in and there was lightning in the distance. We got going early and started motoring. It started to rain about 10 km into the ride. Then it started to rain cats and dogs. Or it was hosing. Or it was coming down in sheets. I think you get the point. Somehow in that downpour we missed a mark for a left turn. After 15 km of riding through a construction area, in the pouring rain we came to a road closed sign. Now we were in big trouble. 
Well actually I wasn't too worried. I gave Carrie a call and asked her if she went through a construction zone. She said no. I said mmmmm.
The sky was so dark but the lightning was spectacular. Carrie helped us find a new route. 
The roads were wet but the five of us stuck together. Half way the new route we found a place and had breakfast. 
Roland paid for breakfast. That was nice. Wayne was the other new one to the group. Carrie found us a few miles after our stop and help direct us in. 
We met everyone at the ferry crossing. 
It was a big lineup to get on the ferry. Only fifty people at a time on the ferry at a time. 
Carrie went over first with the truck. 
We all piled on the ferry. It was fun. 
Marc and I raced off the boat. He had the lead but I made through customs first. 
We had a huge welcome waiting for us in Canada. 
Aren't Canadians awesome. 
When we got to the school they had a dinner for us that felt and looked more like a wedding reception. Complete with a decorated bike on the table. Salads, dinner and dessert was amazing. I even got my hair cut by a very nice lady. 
There was billets for people and the opened up the school. We are staying at uncle Pete and aunt Linda's along with five others. Is that great or what. I think we are all overwhelmed by the generosity of the people hear. I have to say it is great to be in Canada. 
People were lining the route to the school. Well I'm sleeping in a bed tonight, and as I finish my blog it's thunder and lightning out there and raining. So we began today and ended today with the same weather. See you all tommorow.  Len. 


  1. Yahoo!! You made it "home"! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

  2. What???? They let you back in???? Awesome!

  3. Awesome Len and Carrie!, sounds like Sarnia gave you a wonderful welcoming home! that's great that you were able to spend the night at Uncle Pete and Aunt Linda, they are great hosts. Safe travels and prayers continue for you all. See you on the weekend!