Friday, August 30, 2013

Sunday in New York

Carrie and I headed out to the Staten Island ferry. 
We parked the car on Staten Island jumped on the free ferry to downtown Newyork. I expected the ferry to be full of Dutch people riding back and forth all day long. Even though it was free to my surprise it wasn't full of Dutch people. However I was wearing my Dutch soccer jersey and I overheard what I thought was people talking Dutch. As we left the ferry a man said to me in Dutch if I had a passport to go with my jersey. I answered him in Dutch. I think I surprised  him. 
Harold and Mary came along too. 
Thanks to Mary we got tickets to see the 911 memorial. It was strange to see to big holes where the towers used to be. It made me think about where I was the time I first heard about it. I think it's one of those moments that everyone remembers where they were. 
The security to get to the memorial was like going on an airplane. Ex rays and metal detectors. 
In the memorial store we saw the bike that was made by Paul jr designs. 
The bike is pretty cool. 
On we went to Times Square. It's quite the tourist trap. We fell right in. 
A store that is just about m&m's. 
very Newyork. 
Three floors worth. They put the washrooms on the third floor. I know that was on purpose. 
We spent the whole day touring around the city on a double decker bus. The guy on the second bus we took was a bit of a,?  Well let's just say if I was mr potato head I would grab my lips and touch my butt. 
The ride back on the ferry was very scenic. The Statue of Liberty in the sunset. 
The city as we pulled away. 
A long day but a fun one just the same. 
After dropping Harold and Mary at their hotel we headed over to 
Buddy's cake shop. It wasn't open but it was still cool to be in front of the shop. 
After that we headed to 
Occ. Orange County choppers. Oh I just noticed it was on the sign. 
My stomach started doing circles about this time. I think it was the pizza I had. Actually Harold had a similar thing a few days earlier. And Jane on Saturday. I guess I thought I was immune to being sick. We stopped for the night at a hotel. Good thing. I felt like a Japanese bullet train. 
Before we headed home we went inside an looked around. 
They actually had a pedal bike in the showroom. 
And the Lance Armstrong bike. We took a tour of the back shop and saw all the guys from the show. They were actually filming when we were there. 
After that we jumped in the truck and headed over to Paul Jr Designs. 
We took a pic in front of his truck. They weren't open to the public. We respected that but I will say we were a little disappointed. After all Jr and the gang are our favourites. Back in the truck. Homeward bound.
It feels weird to be driving through the mountains in a car and not on a bike. I have to admit I did ride the recumbent bike in the hotel. Only for 45 minutes though. I think I'm going to miss it. See you again. Len.  


  1. Yea! you snuck another one in there! love the posts Len, and keep writing whenever you feel like it. It's great that you and Carrie were able to see some of New York. It really is quite something isn't it?. So much history and so much to see! Glad to have you home again too :)

  2. What... no bonus pics of old cars, trucks or tractors? :(
    Blessings as you work back into whatever is normal for you after the bike tour! You have helped me tremendously as I sat this one out. Your pics, humor, and just telling it like it is, all made for an enjoyable and entertaining 9 weeks. My best to Carrie as well, sounds like she is a very special lady!