Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Trenton to Kingston

Well Harold , Rudy and I set out today. We took the loyalist hyw to picton. 
We crossed the swivel bridge. Hyw 33 is a beautiful road. 
We rode along the shores of Lake Ontario most of the day. 
There are some beautiful farms and vineyards in prince Edward county. 
I'm sure there's some good stuff in this store. 
We went to the lake just above the ferry crossing. As we came to the ferry Uncle Tom and auntie Ann met me there. 
They drove out this way just to meet us and the riders.  Aren't they great. 
We boarded the ferry. 
It's real close to sand banks provincial park. Now I know why so many camp at sand banks. The ferry ride was free. I bet you they ride back and forth during vacation. 
Alright. This is the pic you all been waiting for. It's called "Len in tights". 
We went past this old stone church. 
The water looked like we were in the Caribbean some where. What a beautiful view we had all day. 
We also had more Canadian hospitality at the church in Bloomfield. Great job guys. 
We're camping in a park in Kingston. 
Brandon said it was ok. Oh ya yesterday we went 133km. Today we went117km. 
I think this was a top ten ride today. Great biking weather and great scenery.
See you all tommorow. Len. 
Here's an old truck that was sitting by the lake. 


  1. Len in tights... how about Len in a tutu? Tom and Ann are awesome! Keep pedalling! God bless!

  2. Love seeing "Len in Tights",what a great day you had, such beauty all around you. Praying for you all, and continue to enjoy the ride!

  3. Prince Edward County is an awesome place. It reminds me of West Gwillimbury! Wish you were riding past Killbear... You can wear the tights to council meetings too, just hoping it doesn't become a fashion trend. Anyway Len, God bless, keep riding and stay safe!

  4. So glad you had a top 10 ride! that's awesome!!!

  5. You look great in tights, just keep them for the biking season, I don't want to see you as a mechanic in tights. Be well, you and Carrie, God speed.

  6. Hi Len, Just caught up on all your blogs. Was away for a while. Yes you spelled my name correctly. Sorry to read and see the picture that you had fallen. Hope it is all healing well. Your pictures are just great. It must be feeling different now that you are getting nearer to New York City, the finish. What an amazing tour it has been for all of you. May you all keep safe right to the end and that the purpose of the tour will be impacted on people. God's Blessing. Corrie van der Kuur