Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sarnia to London

After sleeping at uncle Pete's it was hard to get going this morning.  Once again it was a great reception into Canada. Great job Sarnia. Now I'm challenging the rest of the Canadians to keep the ball rolling. 
 Back to the ride. We got a late start. The sky looked dark and threatening. Away we went today hoping not to get lost today. 
We started riding and soon found out that we had a hard cross wind with a bit of headwind. 
So I felt a little like I was back in Iowa. There was a lot of corn today. Both sides of the road. 
We road on an angle to get the benefit of the draft. 
There was also fields of hay and straw. Apperently the guys think this part of the country stinks. As in smells. I told them. That's a healthy smell. Pigs, cows, chickens and turkeys. They taste great so I guess you have to put up with the smell. That's something about riding on a bike you just can't appreciate if your in a car. 
Stopped at my favourite sag stop again today.
I also saw some nice old barns. 
Here's a close up of this one. 
As we got into London we rode on a trail through town. 
The trail snaked along a river. I think it was called the tames river. We got to the Christian high school. Now I might have rode a few extra km to get here. I double checked and there was no marks on the road. The paper was a little off so I don't feel so bad.  
We biked about 120 km today. The kitchen trailer came at the same time as the gear trailer. I was helping unload the trail when there was a loud bang from the direction of the kitchen trailer. Turns out that loud bang was my back tire. It had a nail that went right through it and out the side. I was going to put a new tube in but the tire has a bad sidewall. So I have to replace my tire. Oh we'll at least it didn't go flat on the ride. 
We headed to a bike shop but they didn't have the tire I wanted. So I put a spare on. 
Guys are cleaning there bikes and clothes. There always seems like there's something to do.   Well I'm another day closer to home. See you all tommorow 
Here's a pic along the st Clair river yesterday   

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  1. haven't commented on a bit amidst holidays but still reading!! so glad for the Canadian welcomes, receptions, and encouragement you have had so far and praying you have a great weekend at home!! if we were home we would have come to see you tomorrow at Woodland but we`re at the cottage for a couple more days. May God bless & fill you with this visit home to finish your ride strong!