Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ragbrai 2016 with seatosea

On our way to the southwest corner of Iowa to a town called Glenwood. Looking forward to seeing some old friends. 
I figured the first pic should be of corn fields. It is a well deserved stereotype. 

As we were driving here today we passed "dusty" crophopper. Made me think of the grandkids. 
We are passing a ton of buses loaded with bikes heading to the same place. They all have there team names, like
team blonde, team jort, barking spiders and a host of others. The seatosea group is made up of cyclist that are riding in ragbrai but raising money to fight poverty with seato sea. 
Here's a screenshot of the first day ride. If you want you can look it up on the ragbrai website. 
I've been looking forward to the ride for qiite a while. Training on and off the bike. I was determined to be in better shape than last summers ride. I even started playing hockey this summer. On Monday July 4th at 11pm I went down and heard my knee pop as my right foot decided to go sideways. Apparently they don't bend that way. The goalie came rushing over and was like I heard that and saw your leg bend, don't move. As I was rolling around in pain the last thing on my mind was don't move. I looked down expecting my leg to be pointing in a different direction. To my surprise it looked ok. I couldn't get up so they helped me off the ice. 
There goes ragbrai I thought. After exrays at the hospital they said looks like the knee is in place and I would have to see a surgeon at the fracture clinic. That couldn't happen until the next Monday. That wasn't quick enough I thought. I have to bike in three weeks I told them. I went home got Tom to bring my bike, the trainer upstairs. I tried to climb on my bike but couldn't get my leg over. Tom grabbed a step stool and I managed to get on my bike. I had my leg straight and slowly tried to rock back and forth. I couldn't even do a full revolution. This doesn't look good I thought.  After Ice and rest I tried two days later and managed to get a few full revolutions.  In my mind there was hope. After talking with Jon Stevens Fromm Renew fitness he hooked me up with a surgeon that I could see on Friday. Carrie and I went to see him and I'm not sure if we were in the same meeting cause I heard good news but Carrie heard the opposite. See me before you go if it doesn't improve or after I get back. After two weeks of ice rehab and light cycling were still going. Carrie and I did 25 km on Wednesday pain free ish. I think I'm ready. 

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