Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ragbrai day 4.

Wednesday morning and the ear plugs worked so well that Joanne and Wayne were waiting for me. 
Just out of town we passed an old cement truck. 
Joanne was walking into the town of humeston. Jeff one of the seatosea riders arranged a breakfast in that town. 
We all enjoyed the fresh fruit breakfast. It's hard to eat healthy on this ride. 
Mark and Susan loving the ride. 
The town had a display of old tractors so naturally I had to take a picture of all of them. 
Here's a Ford 
If I have room I'll post some more tomorrow. 
There's all kinds of bikes, skaters, and even skateboarders. The ride got hot pretty fast so we had to make few extra stops. We made it in to the  camp. 
This town went from 5500 to 25000. The seatosea group found refuge from the sun under the shade trees. 
Everyone made it in. Happy to relax ice the knee and get ready for tomorrow. 


  1. I love the pictures of the old vehicles and tractors!Enjoy your ride... Wish I could be cycling with you!

  2. What? Hard to eat healthy in my state? With all the pork and beef sandwiches and the corn on the cob dipped in real butter...I beg to differ. ��

  3. Thanks for the updates - I love the pictures of Mark and Susan and good ole Sue. Miss you guys! Not sure I like people well enough to the the Ragbrai.

  4. I'm with Jane...SOOO many people!!