Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 10. Last day.

The goal today was to ride up loagan's pass via the road to the sun. Then we were to head down the other side of the mountain to st. Mary's. Turns out that with all fires on the other side only cars can go down the other side. Here's a pic before more talking. 
This pic is about 1/2 hour into the ride. It's 6am. I know what your thinking. Are u guys crazy. That's the best set up yet. 
It was so cold. Numb fingers, toes and knees. The first and last rest stop was at 18 miles. 
The new plan was to go up to the pass, turn around and make it back by 11 am. A round trip of 60 miles. Not counting the fact that we had to climb a mountain. 
You can see the urgency so we didn't hang around long. I barely drank anything by this point cause it was so cold. I took two bottles but a lot of people filled only one because of the climb. Less weight. 
As we approached the bottom of the mountains I thought how are we ever gonna pull this off.
Riding beside the mountain stream the climb was very minimal and quiet so early in the morning. We turned a few corners, 
And it became real. Full on climb. Nothing crazy but a steady unending climb to the top. Bob the machine took off. Every man for himself. Ride at your own pace. 
Thru a tunnel. Not really sure which peak around us was ours. 
You could see I was gaining some elevation. The road was below us now. We just did a switch back. Now my legs were warm, but my fingers were still cold. 
Climb climb climb. A few more cars as the time ticked away. 
It's hard to smile as you climb. 
You can't stop concentrating because just over the side is a huge drop. 
Well lets just say that the scenery made it all worth it. It's different than being in a car. You feel the temperature change as you go from beside the lake to the start of the climb to mid way. It's getting colder. 
This is going along side the mountain looking at the valley we rode in on. I think you can see the rode alongside the river. 
This was my first look at the pass. The low part between the mountains. You can see the cut line in the rocks from the road. Of course as I was riding there were no signs of how much further. I didnt know that  was the summit. Keep going and legs don't give up I was thinking. 
 Not knowing how much longer was tough. No partners to ask what mile were at. This road was built in 1932. Look at that block work. Riding in the sun would be nice. I guess that's why they called it the road to the sun. I'm sure the guys building it thought the same thing 
Maybe I should stop and take a hike. Then I saw a welcome sign. It said 1/2 a mile to summit. I think I was going so fast that I only got this sign just after it. 
They're  messing with me, a parking lot like we're finished. Around the corner I go. 
Some where on this is a mountian goat. 
There's the summit. A bunch of cyclists are cheering me on. They must have gotten a ride up;) I should have trained more. Too late for that. 
I was going to throw my bike down the mountian but then I realized I had to ride it down and back 30 miles. 
Carrie drove up the mountian and showed up just after I hit the summit. 
Thanks to bob and Jane for dragging my sorry butt from jasper to glacier park. Thanks to Terry and all the volunteers for supporting us all the way. Thanks to Carrie for helping me and the other riders. Wouldn't have done it without you. 
Here's a bonus pic
This is a
One of the tour buses that runs to the peak and back. 
Thanks Len 


  1. And all the cyclists said... AMEN! Glad you made it to the top... didn't doubt it for a moment! Go home and sit in a whirlpool tub and just soak ;)

  2. So proud of you Len!!! You are a great example to me that if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your journey!!

  3. Awesome Len...beautiful viee..great determination !!!