Saturday, August 1, 2015

Day 2 Columbia ice to crossroad

Today started unlike a normal day. 730 to 830 breakfast. Then we loaded up the bikes and vans. We headed to the Columbia ice fields. 
Carrie and I hiked up to the edge of the glacier. We took three other cyclist along to the parking lot. Thveiw was great looking in either direction.  Forward or back towards the center. 
Carrie and I had to have a pic in front of the glacier. As you can tell I didn't selfy this one cause I would never take one of my big gut. 
I think the camera adds a few, a lot of pounds. Maybe it's just the angle. That's he last time I let someone take a pic. We finally got going at 12:30. I'm sure that's the latest we've ever got going. 
One thing is for sure the scenery was amazing. I found myself almost taking it for granted. 

After a few climbs we had some amazing descents. The were fast.  Not sure how fast but let's just say that if I had a garmen it would have read , fast. This pic I had to hang on both brakes to make the stop. It was worth the stop. As I pulled in I didn't even notice Carrie taking pics of us coming down the mountain. 
At the bottom there was a glacial river that disappeared into what seemed nowear. 
We stopped and went on an old bridge from 1938 and looked down. We could here the water but not see it it must have been 100 feet down. 
After a few more climbs and decents we made some good time. It was nice to get the body moving again after yesterday. My body was sore but it seems the vest medicine is to get moving again. 
We pretty much followed this glacial river all day and were surrounded by huge mountians. 
We pulled into the crossing where we stayed the night before. 
It was a great ride. Second day in a row with no cell service so I wrote the blog but can't publish it. Sorry. E


  1. Great seeing those shots again with your fellow bikers in line with you, love it!

  2. good work Len and Carrie. can't imagine going up those mountains.. that's hard work Len.. obviously your still in good shape... enjoy....