Sunday, August 2, 2015

Day4 Sunday in Johnson

So today started in true seatosea fashion  people up early. Breakfast was from 830 to 930 but ended up being over not long after the start time. However in true seatosea spirit people were flexible and things worked out fine. 
We ended up having a service after breakfast that was inspiring and uplifting. I don't think there's a better way to relate to God and his creation than being in such a glorious place. John talked to us about going up to meet God. And then we went to the rivers edge to talk about the river flowing into the Dead Sea. Because of Jesus the river no longer flows into the Dead Sea   It wasn't long but it was long enough to be impact-full 
After the service we headed to banff. Walked through town and had lunch.

  After town we went over a river to get back to the car. The whole town is surrounded by mountians. It's pretty great 
Oh ya there's also cell service can u see Carrie texting away. 
Look who showed up. It's Annemarie. She stopped by and it was nice to see her. She was on her way to a hike. Nice to see a familiar face. 
Terry made us supper. Tube steaks. So Carrie and I ate at the waters edge. 
After supper we had our peloton meeting where a lady from one of the groups we're riding for thanked us for what we're doing. It's interesting how bent out of shape people get over a lion when so many other people issues are happening
After a campfire and some fellowship it's time for bed. 
. It was cold last night again. Good thing I had an extra blanket. You had an extra blanket the whole time? Well it is the Rockies ;)
See you all tommorow 

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