Sunday, August 9, 2015

Day 8 crossing into Montana

So this morning was a dream. I woke up at 9. In honour of our last day in Canada we had bacon and eggs. The park had an extra exit with no climbing. Lets just say it was a dream. No really it was a dream. We woke up at 6.20 to find everyone awake, tents packed and ready to go. Cold or hot cereal. The race was on. Albert and his crew were going to stay late to  help clean up. Then they were going to blow past everyone and still arrive first. Before we left they were already released so we new then it wasn't much of a race. 
It was cold and spitting rain as we left camp. The two mile climb was still in place. Every once and awhile the sun tried to peck through. The sky looks sad. 
After some typical climbs and descents we came up to elk river. At the top it looks great and fast. Only trouble is you have to climb back out again.

We were in full tuck going 60+km.  imagine the look on there faces when some idiot comes beside them and takes pictures. 
There's one and here's the other one. 
The climb out was worth it cause the scenery was great. 
 We collected a few more riders after the first rest stop. We also saw some great farms and ranches right along the mountians. 
Saw a nice old truck, I may have to come back for that one. 
Here's a nice scenery shit that if you look closely may have the next seatosea logo. 
Built to take the load. 
After a nice ride we hit the border. 
We crossed over, and I put my phone on airplane mode. I'm not sure if Jane had enough of Canada or if she's flipping off the states. Check this pic and you decide. 
We biked a nice quite road to the second sag stop. After some nacho chips and dip we had a nice group and continued on. 
Rolling hills. It was a nice relaxing ride. 
The sun was doing its best to sneak out. The rain let up and it warmed up a bit. 
Jane and nelly finally got a pick with a bear. 
We did some nice riding on a quiet but very bumpy road. Everyone's spirits were up. 
The next two pics are only a few miles apart. 
Amazing how quick the sky and the landscape can change.
After the last stop it was all business. We were feeling a little worn after a bumpy ride. 30 more km on a shoulder less round was a tough way to end the day. 
 The scenery stayed spectacular. I don't think pics do it justice. So if you like what you see the either join or keep reading my blog. See you all tommorow 


  1. Thanks, Len! I was wondering how long it would take for you to find an old truck or car to take a picture of :)

  2. I love your pictures and have enjoyed following your blog. I wish so much that I could have joined the ride. I still ride 3-5 times a week anywhere from 10-30 miles each. 7 spine surgeries have limited me, but not taken away my love for cycling. Stay safe and God Bless!