Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday service and bike dip

So this morning we had a service with reps from world renew(crwrc), reformed church and partners international. A paster from the local church spoke, it was great. After the service we headed down to the sea in one big group. We were lead by a motor bike and ran the red lights all the way to the beach. Side note; one of the guys got a flat and everyone who saw him just rode passed. He only had one co2 canister and his tube leaked so he ran out of air. The long and the short of it is he missed the beach. That sucked for him but he seemed to take it well. A good lesson for all the riders! Alright on to the tire dipping ceremony. We carried our bikes to the water across a  200 feet beach . We then proceeded to dip our back tires in the water, take pics of ourselves and finally a group picture. After a group prayer some of us went for a swim. Ok me and three girls, I know where was everyone else;) . By the time I got to the road all the riders that were returning to the university had left so I had to return myself by retracing my steps. I did it in one shot no detours, not bad eh? I'm patting myself on the back. Tomorrow is our first official day , I'm super excited! See you all tommorow.
Not by might not my power but by his spirit!!     Len 

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