Thursday, June 20, 2013

Misty , MISTY,really misty!

Now the first misty comes in the form of rain. As I've been training in the past couple of weeks , I learned what it is like to ride in the rain. Mist and light rain is ok. Heavy rain however is a whole different ball game. I had to stop after an hour remove my shoes and ring my socks out. That was fun! 
The second misty is whole different story. As I was trying increase my mileage I ventured onto new roads. As I passed a house I saw a couple gardening. Misty the woman yelled in a bit of a panicky voice . I thought maybe a child or small pet, no big deal. I passed the driveway going up hill when I heard a second misty , this time from a stern mans voice. This time there seemed to be some more urgency. Now I was getting worried. I looked back and there came misty, a large dog, big head, and large teeth. Good thing I can bike faster up hill scared then he could run mad. It's amazing the adrenalin rush you get in that type of situation. Now if I could just think misty at the base of every hill this biking thing would be a breeze:)
The last misty comes in the form of tears. Happy ones, sad to be missing everyone, and thankful ones for all the wonderful support we've received over the past seven months. Here we sit at the airport waiting to fly to LA. If you said to me what worried you the most about this whole mission, I would have told you raising 10000 and sleeping on the ground in a tent. Well the fundraising is going incredibly. 21500 and counting!!!
Wow, how awesome is that.
 Here's our plane , we saw the bike go on, along with the hockey bag full of tents and sleeping gear. Once again I want to thank  everyone who made this trip possible, from my partners , to family, and everyone who supported me both financially  and with your prayers. 


  1. Wow! You have quite a knack for writing, you always keep me in suspense! I love it!! Praying that you had a safe flight and that God blesses you richly on this amazing adventure! I pray you will be surrounded by great supporters who will become your family and friends while you are away - cyclists and volunteers too! I will think of you and say a prayer every time I see a person biking, and although my geography is terrible I will attempt to follow you along the way :)

  2. Enjoy your day in LA, Johnny Cash is waiting for you Len!!