Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bike in business

So here we sit. Waiting for our bikes to arrive. We set up in a schoolyard. We can't go in the school but they gave us a outdoor shower. See pic.  We hooked up with Habitat for humanity. An a whole bunch of us went to paint a house today. In two shifts we got the whole house painted. It was a cool thing to do. Not everyone could go. 
After seeing the showers I though why don't we have a shower like that, it would be handy. After getting the go ahead Carrie and I headed out to ace hardware we picked out all the stuff we needed. They let us assemble it in the back of the store. Very nice people. We brought the frame,bucket and cement back to the school. A few guys helped and we mixed the cement and set the post. To hold it we taped it to the wall. I'm sure we'll give it a run at the next stop with no showers. This afternoon the trailer with the bikes arrived, and it was quickly unloaded. People were eager to see their bikes. A local bike shop guy came and offered to help fix bikes. That was great. We've got a bit of a tent city thing going on. I've got a game for you. It's kind of like where's Waldo. So check out the picture and try to find the cross eyed Cindy loo hoo. Aka  Karyn. It's the pic of us eating supper. I must admit we eating like kings, and queens. I think I'll be head of team weigh more for a while yet. Carrie an I shuttled people to the laundry mat, library and Walmart. We also found a eclectic little coffee shop that had wifi. No I didn't have coffee, but I did have a cactus fruit tea. Tasted great. Talk to you all tommorow , are you still listening to me? 
Love lots Len  ( yes I even love you, ok and you)


  1. Yes, we are all listening, reading, and following!! Love you too Len/Carrie, Glad to hear you are all making a difference! Your doing great at this Blog!

  2. Keep posting, Len! We love following along. God bless!

  3. Stay in the shade Len & Carrie!!!