Saturday, June 29, 2013

Out of the furnace

So we explored quartzite this morning and found out why no one was their. It's like a furnace out here. 120 deg. All the signs at the trailer parks say gone till October. Just like at home but we go away from our summer homes in winter and they go away for the summer. I saw a road runner go by. Also they have those cool cactus that look like their straight out of the cartoons.i took a pic.
Last night we got into town and stayed in a small hall that had air but there was not enough room so we rented a hotel room. No one stayed outside in tents. We also saw a bunch of old cars at a lot. See pics  There was also a deserted gas station, had to take a pic. Back to the biking thing. After we saw the weather forecast ,48, 50, 52dg Celsius  that's 120 plus, they had to suspend the ride, it was just too dangerous. We got a bus to pick us up and move us to Payson Arizona . We will stay there until Tuesday morning. That will put us back on track for the ride. We're at 5000 feet elevation and the temp today is still 106. That's hot. 
We packed the bikes in a tractor trailer. Our bags didn't arrive till 830 pm so we had to set up our tents, went for a wobbly pop.( a pilse) not sure of the Dutch spelling but then again if you've been following my posts , I'm not sure of any spelling. Also if asked I will deny everything. Ill just blame it on the heat.   
Oh ya almost forgot I took a pic of a lot of cactus on the way to payson.
Talk to you tommorow 


  1. Wow Len, quite a challenge. Praying that you'll stay healthy and strong. Take care.
    Teresa Vdk

  2. I think beer in Dutch is 'beer'.
    Did you see any cactus and get any pics of it? Yeah, you did. Have fun, stay cool. Be blessed by the ride and by new friends you will meet.

  3. Wow, love the old trucks! I am staying in CA by our daughter and family. Took a few pictures of old vehicles as well. They rust away in Wisconsin... even worse when we lived in Upstate, NY. Glad you are getting some relief from the heat. I have just started riding again early in the AM. Temps here have been 106 for the past two days. Praying that you all stay healthy and safe. Blessings as you continue the journey on Tuesday. We are heading to Yosemite Park for a few days. KP

  4. Len, you were almost right....the dutch word is pils or bier....

    Good luck with the rest of your time you come biking in Holland ?